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The type of investment fund of Kresna Link Investa Insurance is Protecto Flexi Kresna, where the investment placement strategy is a combination of placement in investment instruments with an investment allocation of 5% (five percent) up to 90% (ninety percent) of each investment placement in one portfolio by balanced, where the intended investment placement combination is as follows: a. Deposit b. Bank Indonesia Certificate c. Debt Securities issued by the Government d. Debt Securities issued by the Corporation e. Stock The purpose of the Protecto Flexi Kresna Investment Plan is to provide the maximum possible return on investment, but it is safe in the medium and long term to the Policy Holder as well as an investor.

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Protecto Flexi Kresna 852.389 +1.11% +0% +0% +0% -14.32% -14.76%

Last Updated 10/07/2020 15:34


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