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About Kresna Life

PT Asuransi Jiwa Kresna was founded in 2008 with business experience Insurance and Pension Fund since 1997 and is now managed by investment professionals and experienced insurance industry at large, with the financial fundamentals and capital as required by the government.


Armed with this foundation that focuses Kresna Life meet and anticipate the needs of customer and growing business partner. With motivation wealth accumulation and wealth protection and quality services, we can meet the needs of customers and business partners.


Kresna Life Insurance provides life insurance programs, accident and health insurance, life insurance and pension credit, both for individuals and groups. This commitment will bring us to be one services in Indonesia, to make for a good quality of life.


Kresna Life values

  • Freedom : Offering peace of mind and freedom for the future, through personal service, individual solutions and a mentoring approach to education
  • Innovation : Offering innovative and dynamic products and services that create wealth through our wisdom and excellence
  • Reward : A truly proactive partner that places the customer first, anticipates their needs and rewards their loyalty
  • Security : A secure and stable fund manager, providing accurate and competitive products and services
  • Trust : A trusted financial services partner, respected in the industry and relied on to deliver performance and value for money through our integrity and ethical and efficient approach


Kresna Life goals

  • FIRST in providing freedom for the future
  • FIRST in innovation, security and trust
  • Putting the customer FIRST
  • The FIRST choice in creating wealth


Kresna Life personality

  • Friendly : Engaging and warm – a pleasure to deal with
  • Responsive : Honest and direct language and proactive customer service, always putting the customer first
  • Open : Optimistic and resourceful, with an entrepreneurial and tenacious spirit
  • Nurturing : Encouraging and nurturing, with a personal voice, helpful service and mentoring approach
  • Truthful : Always honest and ethical in words and deeds, with a direct simplicity and buy naltrexone excellent market insights


Kresna Life behavior

  • FRONT-facing with our customers
  • At the foreFRONT of customer services
  • At the foreFRONT of financial services
  • At the foreFRONT of innovative services based on technology


Kresna Life philosophy and spirit



Kresna Life essences

  • To understand and to help others understand
  • Stand for wisdom and help others become wise
  • Are trusted to make an impact on our customers’ lives
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